Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nurses Have Heart Geocoin

  It's funny how some things take on a life of their own. Or, in the Nurses Have Heart Geocoin, it took on a story of its own that I'm still trying to figure it out!

  Part of my Geocaching 'fun' is to order geocoins like this and use them for several purposes although they were created to be 'trackables' in geocaches.  Many are saved in a special notebook for no particular reason except that they are pretty and might even be valuable someday.  They are often used as gifts for special occasions.

  But, this one was placed in my cache called, "Road Less Traveled" (because it is).  Someone picked it up and sent me a note about how beautiful it was and that he almost hated to give it up and put it in another Geocache. (I sent a note back saying he could keep it.)

  Actually, I'm not sure what he did with it, but all I know is that it has become very popular, and other geocachers have sent me notes saying how much it means to them because their mom, aunt, brother, sister, was a nurse, or a Navy nurse, or a school nurse, etc.

  But this last Tuesday night (January 8, 2013) as I was traveling on my rounds as a visiting nurse, my phone kept chirping with new messages. At first, I thought it was work adding more patients to my already busy schedule.  My assignment for the shift was in the Aurora area. (Who hasn't heard of Aurora by now?) I had patients up and down Colfax Avenue.  Nine miles to the West, then turn around and go 10 miles to the East!  Find a legal place to park at 8 p.m. at night. Take all my equipment with me because it wasn't always a safe place to park. I had patients who wanted me to change a wound vac before dark, and patients who were waiting up for their IV antibiotic. Patients upset because the day nurse didn't show up.  Patients waiting with warm cookies and milk!

  The flurry of messages were on my Geocaching email.  I pulled over to try and figure out what in the world all these messages were.  I hadn't placed a new Geocache, so I didn't expect messages like this.

  "I discovered your Nurses Have Heart geocoin at the Greeley event tonight.  Safe Travels!"

  Who knew I was traveling except my husband?  (He enjoys keeping track of where I am with our Find iPhone" app.)  I didn't know what was going on, but it was perfect timing for someone (ME) who felt badly about missing the Greeley event because of work!

  I still don't understand the how and why of all the text messages about my Nurses Have Heart geocoin from the Greeley Event.  I'm sure I'll learn more when I'm able to get the night off and attend more events, but in the meantime, please know that when I finally figured out the messages were coming in because of my beautiful, popular, Geocoin, IT MADE MY NIGHT!

  It didn't feel nearly so desolate on a cold, dark, winter night. Friends were as close as my Geocoin!

Thanks for all who made a busy night less stressful, and for the reassurance that we are not alone!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in Geocaching
Starcatcher55 aka Linda


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